New COMPANYPROPERTY function in NAV 2018

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One of the new functions which were introduced in NAV2018 is COMPANYPROPERTY which has two properties.

DISPLAYNAME: Which will return the display name from the company record

URLNAME: Which will return the name in the URL Format.

You can setup the Display Name on the company page as shown in the below figure:

alt text

As per Microsoft documentation, the change of display name now has immediate effect on reports as well as displaying the company name in the UI of the client

I have tried to the change the Display Name for testing but the change is not reflected on the RTC client, it did reflect in reports and in the web client. It would be nice if the same change is reflected in the RTC client when the System Indicator Company is used.

alt text

alt text

The URLNAME function returns the following output

alt text

One issue I have noticed is if we go to the company information card and make any change to the system indicator the display name is reverted to the original company name.

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