My Top Git 10 commands for AL Development

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In this post, I will share my top 10 commands I use in VS Code for managing my projects in DevOps.

View Status

This command is used to show the current status of the repository, if any changes made to the files or new files added or if changes are staged. I use the command 

git status

Add files

To add files I used this command with Parameter -A that way it will add the files in every folder of the git repository.

git Add -A

Create Branch

To create branch, I use the single command git checkout -b branchname that way in the single command I can create the branch and switch to it.

To move between the branches I use the command git checkout branchname

Delete Branch

To remove the branch, use the command git branch with -d or to forcely delete the branch use -D

git branch -d branchname

git branch -D branchname


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