How to create RTC Desktop shortcut to open a specific instance

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We often install several versions of Navision and when we open the RTC client we run into an error because it doesn’t know which version instance to connect

We have to manually specify the server address and open it. It will be little cumbersome if you have several instances so the quick and easy solution would be specify the configuration file in the desktop shortcut so that client will find that specific instance and open it for us.

Having the configuration file in the shortcut is also helpful when you have several instances of the same version and want to create quick shortcuts to point to the different instances.

For example: Test, Dev and Prod shortcuts each have their own configuration file to open Dev, Test and Prod instances.

To create the configuration file and to specify that in the shortcut we need to follow the below steps

  1. First we need to open NAV Administration Tool and make the note of your NAV instance name, port and the server name where the NAV server is installed.

  2. Create a new text file and add the following content and then save the file as .config.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <appSettings><add key="Server" value="localhost"/>
        <add key="ClientServicesPort" value="7046"/>
        <add key="ServerInstance" value="DynamicsNAV71" />

You need replace the values based on your instance.

  1. Right Click on the shortcut and open the properties and in the Target textbox at the end add **–settings:”C:\users\abc.config” (Path of the configuration file)


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