Connection refused error on NAV when connecting to web services

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When you try to access Navision Web services you may encounter the following error **This Site can’t be reached, xxxx refused to connect”**

The most common reason for this error is the NAV Service is not enabled for SOAP/OData.To enable these services, open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Administration tool and select the SOAP Services Tab/ OData Services Tab and make sure the property is set to true.

Enable SOAP Services and Enable OData Services to true, if you are using SOAP you just need to enable SOAP and vice versa.


You can also use the Powershell Cmdlet Set-NAVServerConfiugration to enable the services for example to enable OData you use the following cmdlet Set-NAVServerConfiguration -ServerInstance <ServerInstance> -keyname ODataServicesEnabled -keyvalue true

Replace <ServerInstance> with the name of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance on which to set up OData services.

Check the following link for more examples

One other reason for this error is because the port is blocked and you need to create an inbound rule to allow it. Please check this below the article you need to do the same for the web services port–create-an-inbound-rule-in-windows-firewall-for-the-port-of-microsoft-dynamics-nav-web-client

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