How to fix : “CA Dollar” on Amount Description Line in Navision Check Report

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When ever you print a check in Navision does it print the amount description line as CA Dollar instead of US Dollar

For example:

## ****Ten Thousand Twenty Eight CA Dollars and 20/100 <p>instead of</p> ## ****TEN THOUSAND TWENTY EIGHT AND 20/100 US DOLLARS <p> </p>

I have come across this issue many times and recently I had one more occurrence, so I decided to write this post so that I can reference back and also help others who encounters the same issue

To fix the above issue we need to setup the following:

1. On the Company information card, on the payments tab make sure you fill-up

  1. US Country/Region Code
  • Canada Country/Region Code
  • Mexico Country/Region Code



    2. On the Bank Account Card, Fill the Country/Region code on the General Tab.

    The above two setups will fix the issue and will print US Dollar instead of CA Dollar.

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