Cumulative Update 32 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 has been released (Build 43390)

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This Cumulative Update 32 includes hotfixes and regulatory features released for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, including hotfixes and regulatory features released in previous Cumulative Updates. The cumulative update includes hotfixes that apply to all countries and hotfixes specific to the following local versions: 1. AU - Australia 1. AT - Austria 1. BE - Belgium 1. CH - Switzerland 1. DE - Germany 1. DK - Denmark 1. ES - Spain 1. FI - Finland 1. FR - France 1. IS - Iceland 1. IT - Italy 1. NA - North America 1. NL - Netherlands 1. NO - Norway 1. NZ - New Zealand 1. SE - Sweden 1. UK - United Kingdom ## Where to download this Cumulative UpdateYou can download the cumulative update from [KB 3106086 - Cumulative Update 32 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (Build 43390)</u>](,en-us,3106086) ## Problems that are resolved in this cumulative update**Platform hotfixes** **Note** You may have to compile the objects in your database after you apply this hotfix.
**ID** **Title** **375416** The client crashes when you delete the Edit action through personalization of the Sales Orders page with the Order Processor profile. **375923** The client crashes randomly. ## Application hotfixes**</b>
ID** **Title** **Functional area** **Changed objects** **376248** The Reservation Entry table shows an orphan tracking entry after you calculate a regenerative plan and an item has a minimum order quantity defined. Manufacturing COD 99000813 **376112** "Amount must be positive in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name='',Journal Batch Name='',Line No.='0'." error message when you post a sales or purchase order with prepayment and prices including VAT. Prepayments COD 80 COD 90 **376164** If you apply several credit memos, invoices and one payment, not all entries are closed and the remaining amount of one credit memo turns negative. Purchase COD 12 **376161** The Get Entries function on the Intrastat Journals page returns incorrect lines for national vendors. VAT/Sales Tax/Intrastat REP 594 ## Local application hotfixes ## IT - Italy
**ID** **Title** **Functional area** **Changed objects** **376261** If you use the Get Entries function on the Intrastat Journal page for entries created with a purchase of EU services, the Document No. field is filled incorrectly in the Italian version. Purchase TAB 263 **376453** "Qty. to Ship must be equal to '0' in Service Line" error message when you try to post a service credit memo after you used the Generate Split VAT Lines function in the Italian version. Service COD 5988 REP 5911 REP 5912 REP 5915 TAB 5900 **376132** The payment country code is wrongly reported in the Intrastat services file for purchases in the Italian version. VAT/Sales Tax/Intrastat REP 593 **376199** The Unrealized Base field of a NO VAT line is not reversed correctly and it is not reflected on the VAT Register - Print report in the Italian version. VAT/Sales Tax/Intrastat COD 12 ## Local regulatory features ## CH - Switzerland
**ID** **Title** **Functional area** **Changed objects** **155210** Support is added for import of post codes from a new official file format for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 NA COD419, TAB1234, REP11502 ## NA - North America
**ID** **Title** **Functional area** **Changed objects** **155163** 1099-Tax Forms update for reporting year 2015 for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 ERM COD10085, COD2, PAG26, PAG10015, REP10109, REP10111, REP10112, REP10115, TAB23, TAB10010

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